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Back in 2010 and fresh out of University and personal training school (it’s not actually called that), Coel and Dom became friends after crossing paths and sharing a common interest - the gym.


They began to work as group instructors coaching small classes using bodyweight, functional equipment and weights typically seen in conditioning workouts. Alongside this they both worked with different teams in various sports as strength and conditioning interns.


Shortly after, they started to coach people on a 1-2-1 basis which is where the real fun began. They both realised that acquiring more data on an individual and working with someone extremely closely was the most effective way to create substantial and long-lasting results. There were too many generic bits of advice which lacked the combination of scientific research, input from an informed coach and the individual needs of each person. There were also far too many personal trainers that didn’t give their upmost focus to each client in both the personal training session and away from the gym. Coel and Dom learned both what to do and what not to do and have continuously sought to excel themselves by becoming excellent evidenced-based coaches.


In 2018 they decided to centralise their expertise and coaching knowledge into one brand - Steel Physique. The decision was made for two reasons. One, to reach more people with their content and coaching masterclasses held in various locations, and two, to create a platform in which they could ultimately launch their own gym facility from.


2020 arrived and after a year of meticulously planning, coordinating, researching and visiting many other facilities, Steel Physique gym was finally born. Steel Physique was created to provide you with a friendly and focused place to train, outstanding facilities and equipment, programming to your specific needs and lifestyle (and we actually mean it), and other accountability measures – everything inclusive in the membership.



Dom was born and raised in Sheffield, moving away only to attend  Loughborough University to study Human Biology. It was here that his passion for Human Performance and Sport and Exercise Science developed into career aspirations. Initially this led to him completing his fitness instructor qualification upon graduation, leading hundreds of group classes of huge variety over the following year, teaching a vast array of people from different backgrounds, abilities and goals.


This group environment allowed him to utilise much of the knowledge gained during his undergraduate degree, but soon strived for a better platform to work with people on a more individual level and with greater detail. This was where Dom undertook his Personal Training Qualification and began coaching on a 1 to 1 basis, quickly building up a large client base.


It wasn’t long before the thirst for knowledge came back. In 2016 Dom undertook a Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Science. This post graduate degree was a chance to build upon his knowledge to provide the absolute best service to his clients. It was during this time that Dom expanded his experience and knowledge base by working extensively with athletes of all standards. This included a Strength and Conditioning Internship, placements with GB Rowing and Hallam Barbell Weightlifting and a position with the Strength and Conditioning team at the University of Sheffield. This plethora of experiences helped Dom to perfect his own evidence based, athlete centred approach to Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning. Dom has made it a priority to continue on this path to learn from the best and further develop as a coach.


Dom particularly thrives on coaching clients in three key arenas; rehabilitation from injury, improving body composition, and improving sporting and recreational performance. Dom has clients of high standards in all three fields and is always looking to work with an individual that is committed to the process and willing to dedicate themselves under his guidance and tutelage.


A competitive person by nature, Dom has competed in every arena. He played football from a young age to a good standard, he has competed in several running events including the Sheffield Half Marathon (1:47:48), Won two from two Powerlifting events (374 Wilks) and placed fourth in his first Physique Competition. 


Back in 2009 whilst studying for a degree in Exercise Science, Coel acquired his personal training qualifications and began working with GP referral clients every Tuesday. Shortly after he joined a group personal training gym upon its opening where he became head coach shortly after and quickly learned how to train all types of people with various ages, body types, ability and confidence levels, and goals. Upon graduating from Sheffield Hallam University, Coel increased his hours working as a personal trainer, completed a strength and conditioning internship with the youth team at Rotherham United Football Club and worked alongside the other sports teams as well as the general public.


In 2015 he decided to stop coaching in a group / class format and work exclusively with 1 on 1 personal training clients. His motivation was to work even closer with each of his athletes and became obsessed with becoming an exceptional evidence-based coach. To Coel this means combining fundamental and ongoing research with his own experience as a trainer and the individual needs of each person to give them the most effective coaching experience there is to offer.


The type of client Coel wishes to work with must be excited about becoming fitter and stronger, and who will commit to substantial improvements over a long period of time by benefiting from using his methods. Coel asks for a minimum of 12 weeks to work with a client.


Coel’s personal achievements include placing 1st in UKUP Men’s Physique Northern Championships, squatting 2.6 x bodyweight and most of all opening Steel Physique.


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Dom is an extremely knowledgable trainer and dedicated to his profession. I was new to weightlifting and Dom ensured that my technique was correct to avoid injury and enabled me to build confidence in lifting weights . He’s also a thoroughly nice guy too.

Hannah McAllen



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